last weekend was good.cozy.worked till 10pm.felt good buying flowers for fify.she would have been 39 on sat.sad.packed authentic hokkien mien frm ptng street.u'd never catch me seated dining ter.beer was chilled.nice.hung out.quite a bit.slept late.

woke up early.haven't been clad in a saree in months.felt traditional.liked it.been a while being traditional.m i forgetting my roots?hmm...laughed silly at jiva's wedding.lunch was tasty.wedding lunches always r-maybe it's the love that goes into preparing it.i think so anyway.camwhored.a lot.got stared at by akka's/mami's wondering my traditional attire wasn't tat traditional after all.:)

had to work at 2pm after the wedding.grew bored.cleared work though.was told i've got a glow on my face.hmm.got home.popped open a bottle of red wine.smooth.suppered at Qbis.arranged the orangish reddish roses into vases.my warm lights shining on them.i like.watched telly.cuddly.slept.

didn't feel alone.tq.

the sis i never had...:)

she makes me laugh anytime of the day, anytime.

y nichole so the kaku wan...:p

HotneSS n Me

group pic

m/nite delight

my sudden craving for you.


turn the lights down LOW

earth hour.280309.2030hrs-2130hrs.19th flr.weld tower.

europe escape v1.0

We've always talked about taking that trip of a lifetime to Europe for about a month.You wanted to gulp down a chilled pint of beer,watch an Arsenal game not before kissing the grills/gates of the mighty stadium and buy porn magz for your silly friends.I wanted to pub,shop,b amazed at the old buildings and touch snow. Obviously,this is not happening...at least not this year.Thank you for the sweet invitation to Canada though -YES bc,we will b there together....

Enuf of the e-m-o talk,attached above IS my flight details to London.Finally had the courage to book this after bitchin' about this nearly every weekend the past 3 months. The tix was dirt cheap like RM1564 dirt CHEAP.13 hour-damn.was told that the 2 footie players that were seated in the inaugural flight on 13th March 09 were pleased with how comfortable n smooth the flight was. so m praying real hard that my butt ,neck n back doesn't cry out in pain when i land in Manchester.cannot arrive in style with a bad back,neck fucking ache and a sore arse.

btw-we're landing at 1AM London Time - YES !!! 1AM !!!

i know tis much,all i need is - my anti-air sickness tablets,face mist to avoid dehydration,softened comfy throw,neck pillow,lip gloss,i-pod,shades.get lotioned,cozied n cuddly - SLEEP!Stansted Airport,Manchester

p/s: YOU r indeed my guilty pleasure...:)


jon B

" Oh so sexy you got that natural
the way you moving ooh that's crazy
so amazing im getting faded
off you so intoxicating "

fall over me.

thinking of u

" do what makes you happy and smile again.I failed to do so.Am not in a position to judge you.U have my blessings if that counts for anything anymore "


" I am a part of your insatiable desires but never a part of your thoughts "



Krispy Kreme is FINALLY making its' way to MidValley.
m not a doughNut fan as don't particularly like anything tat's too sweet.
This,however is almost perfect.
can't wait.


I got a Sweet tootH

" Can't keep my hands out the Cookie Jar "

tis has been playing in my head the past week.

the vid's ok.typical club scene with pretty girls dressed to kill,too much of booze.

m just lovin' the play of certain words in the song.

been njoying an array of play of words recently.

we'll see.

@ TGIF's

this is my team minus Sirah who had her exams the next day and could not hang out with us.food was good.service poor.pricing ridiculous.mojito heavenly.

thank u guys for the wonderful support you have shown me the past 2 years.

let's make team 2 in auths become team 1 this year k?



u went away suddenly.leaving us in shock.grieving in our own different ways.we should have reached out to touch you.we were too busy.this should never happen to anyone,known or otherwise.will miss your geniune loud happy giggles.will miss your kinky expressions.will miss your sweet caring nature that you hide at times presenting a strong front.probably to protect us.will remember our last b/fast at Qbistro when u showed me discreetly that you cared and that everything will work out in time.

will tear.will grive.will pray.
for now,we only have the best memories of togetherness.

may you rest in peace, Fi.

in her own words from imeem profile " If its meant to happen, it'll find its way... "

at sy's kota kemuning white themed house party.

my 31st bday do in SaVanh - 12th Jan 2008

3 to 3.220309

One step too far
All at once I’m falling
Just like a star
I’m burning for you
Thought I could keep myself from feeling this way
I guess that was my first mistake

Cause suddenly I’m walking
Down a dark street to your door
Wanting you is driving me insane

And now my feet are standing
Where they’ve never stood before
Guided by a twist of fate

If I lose myself with you tonight
Fall apart or hold on tight
Wrong or right I won’t be afraid
Cause even if my heart should break
You’d be the best mistake I ever made

I’m in your room
Now there’s no denying
What’s in your eyes
When I look at you
Two shadows talking but they don’t make a sound
Words have lost their meaning now

And the air has turned electric
Now I know the time is right
To put myself into your hands

And suddenly I’m shaking
As your fingers touch my skin
I don’t need to understand

But If I lose myself with you tonight
Fall apart or hold on tight
Wrong or right I won’t be afraid
Cause even if my heart should break
You’d be the best mistake I ever made

And if tomorrow proves me wrong
I swear I don’t belong
I know I’ll carry on

So I will lose myself and bare my soul
Take this chance cause heaven knows
I’m so far gone and my choice is made
And even if my heart should break

When I lose myself with you tonight
Fall apart or hold on tight
Wrong or right I’ll always say
You’re the best mistake I ever made
You’re the best mistake I ever made
You’re the best mistake I ever made



4.32pm.20th march.m cold.mind,body,heart.mr.carl is with me-for company.u’re on repeat.i hear u.i see u.i know u know. I know u know that I know too.i have nothing to offer.to u or anyone.anymore.tell me what I must do.tell me what I need to do to make your days and nights go by easier.tell me how to push u.i will do it.i wake up with hope.i go to bed with pain.n tat too is on repeat.tiring.every step I take away from u hurts.every step I take towards u hurts.u complete me at times.u keep me guessing always.

All my thoughts have you in mind.
All of my desires are of you.
All of me want every flaw of you.
All of me need every bit of you.
All of me want to make you smile.
All of me want to make you happy.
All of me want to hear you laugh.
All of me want to hold u too close.
All of me want to touch you.
All of me pines for you to be at peace.
All of me like you angry.
All of me like you cold.
All of me like you warm.
All of me want to see you play.
All of me want to see you run.
All of me want to see you move to the beat.

All of me wonder….

My every breath screams of your name…..in silence.
“What a beautiful mess this is, dear.”


HurtS LiKe CraXy.

" can't seem to hold u like i want to.so i can feel u in my arms "

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth.
Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same.
And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost,The Road Not Taken ( 1915 )

p/s: This poem is usually interpreted as an assertion of individualism, but critic Lawrence Thompson has argued that it is a slightly mocking satire on a perennially hesitant walking partner of Frost's who always wondered what would have happened if he had chosen their path differently.

happy birthday u.


I’ve done 81 out of the 132 stupid things.

Do this and re-post it with the title:
I’ve done XXX out of the 132 stupid things.

Level 1
(x) Smoked A Cigarette
(X) Smoked A Cigar
( ) Kissed A Member Of The Same Sex
(X) Drank Alcohol


Level 2
(x) Are/Been In Love
(x) Been Dumped
(X) Shoplifted
( ) Been Fired
( ) Been In A Fist Fight


Level 4
(x) Had A Crush On An Older Person
(X) Skipped School

( ) Slept With A Co-worker

() Seen Someone/Something Die


Level 5
(x) Had/Have A Crush On One Of Your Facebook Friends
( ) Been To Paris
( ) Been To Spain
(x) Been On A Plane
(X) Thrown Up From Drinking

SO FAR: 11

Level 6
(x) Eaten Sushi
( ) Been Snowboarding
(X) Met Someone BECAUSE Of Facebook - ex after 12 years
( ) Been in a Mosh Pit

SO FAR: 13

Level 7
( ) Been In An Abusive Relationship
(x) Taken Pain Killers
(x) Love/loved Someone Who You Cant Have
(x) Laid On Your Back And Watched Cloud Shapes Go By
( ) Made A Snow Angel

SO FAR: 16

Level 8
(X) Had A Tea Party
( ) Flown A Kite
(x) Built A Sand Castle
( ) Gone mudding (with my BMX)
(x) Played Dress Up

SO FAR: 19

Level 9
( ) Jumped Into A Pile Of Leaves
( ) Gone Sledging
(x) Cheated While Playing A Game
(X) Been Lonely
(x) Fallen Asleep At Work / School

SO FAR: 22

Level 10
(x) Watched The Sun Set
(x) Felt An Earthquake
( ) Killed A Snake

SO FAR: 24

Level 11
(x) Been Tickled
(X) Been Robbed / Vandalized
(X) Been cheated on
(x) Been Misunderstood

SO FAR: 28

Level 12
(x) Won A Contest
( ) Been Suspended From School
(x) Had Detention
(x) Been In A Car / Motorcycle Accident

SO FAR: 31

Level 13
( ) Had/Have Braces
(X) Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night
(X) Danced in the moonlight

SO FAR: 33

Level 14
(x) Hated The Way You Look
(x) Witnessed A Crime
(x) Pole Danced
(x) Questioned Your Heart
( ) Been obsessed with post-it-notes

SO FAR: 37

Level 15

( ) Squished Barefoot Through The Mud
(x) Been Lost
( ) Been To The Opposite Side Of The World
( ) Swam In The Ocean
(x) Felt Like You Were Dying

SO FAR: 39

Level 16
(x) Cried Yourself To Sleep
( ) Played Cops And Robbers
(X) Recently Colored With Crayons / Colored Pencils / Markers
(x) Sang Karaoke
( ) Paid For A Meal With Only Coins

SO FAR: 42

Level 17
(x) Done Something You Told Yourself You Wouldn’t
(x) Made a Prank Phone Call
( ) Laughed Until Some Kind Of Beverage Came Out Of Your Nose
(x) Kissed In The Rain

SO FAR: 45

Level 18
( ) Written A Letter To Santa Claus
(x) Watched The Sun Set/ sun rise With Someone You Care/Cared About
(x) Blown Bubbles
(x) Made A Bonfire On The Beach or anywhere

SO FAR: 48

Level 19
(x) Crashed A Party
(x) Have Traveled More Than 5 Days With A Car Full Of People
(x) Gone Rollerskating / Blading
(x) Had A Wish Come True
( ) Been Humped By A Monkey

SO FAR: 52

Level 20
(X) Worn Pearls
( ) Jumped Off A Bridge
( ) Swore at the teacher, in front of them
( ) Swam With Dolphins

SO FAR: 53

Level 22
( ) Got Your Tongue Stuck To A Pole/Freezer/ice Cube
( ) Kissed A Fish
(x) Worn The Opposite Sex’s Clothes
( ) Sat On A Roof Top

SO FAR: 54

Level 23
(x) Screamed At The Top Of Your Lungs
( ) Done/Attempted A One-Handed Cartwheel
(X) Talked On The Phone For More Than 6 Hours
(x) Recently stayed up for a while talking to someone you care about

SO FAR: 57

Level 24
( ) Picked And Ate An Apple Right Off The Tree
( ) Climbed A Tree
( ) Had/Been in a tree house.
(x) Been scared to watch Scary Movies alone

SO FAR: 58

Level 25
(x) Believed In Ghosts
(x) Have had More Than 30 Pairs Of Shoes
( ) Gone Streaking
( ) Visited Jail

SO FAR: 60

Level 26
( ) Played Chicken
( ) Been Pushed into a pool with all your clothes on
(X) Been Told You’re Hot By A Complete Stranger
(X) Broken A Bone
(x) Been Easily Amused

SO FAR: 63

Level 27
( ) Caught A Fish Then Ate It Later
( ) Made A Porn Video/got asked to make one (one of the “50 things i wanna do before i die” list)
( ) Caught A Butterfly
(x) Laughed So Hard You Cried
( ) Cried So Hard You Laughed

SO FAR: 64

Level 28
( ) Mooned/Flashed Someone - heheheheheh….
(X) Had Someone Moon/Flash You
(x) Cheated On A Test
(x) Forgotten Someone’s Name
(x ) French Braided Someones Hair
( ) Gone Skinny Dipping
(x) Been Kicked Out Of Your House
(X) Tried to hurt yourself

SO FAR: 70

Level 29
(x) Rode A Roller Coaster
(x) Went Scuba-Diving/Snorkeling
(x) Had A Cavity
(x) Black-Mailed Someone
(x) Been Black Mailed

SO FAR: 75

Level 31
(x) Been Used
(x) Fell Going Up The Stairs
( ) Licked A Cat
(x) Bitten Someone
(x) Licked Someone

SO FAR: 79

Level 32
( ) Been shot at/or at gunpoint
( ) Had sex in the rain
(X) Flattened someones tires - wanted to, though! - does scratching his car with keys count :)
( ) Rode your car/truck until the gas light came on
( ) Got five dollars or less worth of gas

GRAND TOTAL : 81 - - - - lots more to do especially point 2 level 32...:)



was at finns,mv last nite.pics courtesy of Jztin's E71 nokia.kewl gadget.
it's very trendy.very sexy.very hip.
very me?
martin's hilarious.he's english struggling to pronounce indian names.
watched the longest movie wc had the corniest lines,love scenes involving electricity.
never again.next time i'll research wat we're gonna watch n think a million times
before saying yes n be better attired.

all glossed.

cat hates taking pics.can u tell ?

have we put on weight papa? :)

smoke got into the shot.nice.

p/s: need ur warm bear hug............


Love thE beaTS...

the lyrics aint much except for bits here n there.just bits.tis is the kinda song tat you've gotta B in touch wif your femininity n sensuality to b able to move to.last sat was spent looking for the lyrics.yes m a lyric n BEAT person.shadap.but it's nowhere to b found.i can visualize certain persons moving to tis.so we'll c how wen tis hits the local clubs in 6 months'.

p/s: " fill my prescriptions,my sweet little addiction "



" I'll follow you and make a heaven out of hell, and I'll die by your hand which I love so well. "
William Shakespeare

something to ponder about ?

Things most girls dont know
1. Guys hate sluts even though they have sex with them!(oh yeah..you're not "popular" if you've slept with more than 6 guys..you're a whore ) shocking
2. "Hey, are you busy?" or "Are you doing something?" ~ two phrases guys open with to stop from stammering on the phone.
3. Guys may be flirting around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about. true
4. Before they call, guys try to plan out a little about what they're gonna say so there aren't awkward pauses, but once he's on the phone he forgets it all and makes it up as he goes.
5. Guys go crazy over a girl's smile. very true
6. Guys will do anything just to get you to notice him. cutesy
7. Guys hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend or ex love-interest. Unless they're goin for the let-her-complain-to-you-and-then-have-her-realize-how-wonderful-and-nice-you-are method. :)
8. A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to. insecure.
9. Boyfriends need to be reassured often that they're still loved. assurances given?
10. Don't talk about your guy friends to your boyfriend. again.insecure.
11. Guys get jealous easily. sweet
12. Guys are more emotional than they'd like people to think. too much emo = pussy
13. Giving a guy a hanging message like "You know what?!..uh...nevermind.." would make him jump to a conclusion that is far from what you are thinking. And he'll assume he did something wrong and he'll obsess about it trying to figure it out.
14. Guys are good flatterers when courting but they usually stammer when they talk to a girl they really like.
15. Guys hate asking parents for money to buy girls presents. So they come up with ideas like saving their lunch money for a week. But it never works because guys are always hungry so they end up asking the parents for money anyway. no more boys for me..
16. Girls are guys' weaknesses.
15. Guys are very open about themselves. secrets r nice.
17. It's good to test a guy first before you trust him. But don't let him wait too long.
18. Your best friend, whom your boyfriend seeks help from about his problems with you may end up being admired by your boyfriend.
19. If a guy tells you about his problems, he just needs someone to listen to him. You don't need to give advice. just hear me out
20. A usual act that proves that the guy likes you is when he teases you. teasing is good
21. Guys love you more than you love them if they are serious in your relationships.
22. Guys will brag about anything. sad m not impressed
23. Guys use words like hot or cute to describe girls. We rarely use beautiful.If a guy uses that, he likes you a whole hell of a lot. adult.
24. No matter how much guys talk about asses and boobs, personality is key. must make u laugh
25. Guys learn from experience not from the romance books that girls read and take as their basis of experience. huh - don't understand
26. Guys worry about the thin line between being compassionate and being whipped.
27. Guys think WAY too much. One small thing a girl does, even if she doesn't notice it can make the guy think about it for hours, trying to figure out what it meant.
28. Guys seek for advice from girls not other guys. Because most guys think alike, so if one guy's confused, then we're all confused. trouble.
29. Any guy could write out a rulebook or advice book for flirting, but no guy can write out a book about relationships.
30. Try to be as straightforward as possible. yes,please.
31. If the guy does something stupid in front of the girl, he will think about it for the next couple days or until the next time he spends time with the girl. stupid is as stupid does
32. If a guy looks unusually calm and laid back, he's probably faking it and is spazzing inside.When a guy says he is going crazy about the girl, he really is. Guys rarely say that.
33. When a guy asks you to leave him alone, he's just actually saying, "Please come and listen to me." similiar to girls?
34. Guys don't really have final decisions.
35. If a guy starts to talk seriously, listen to him. It doesn't happen that often, so when it does, you know something's up.
36. If your best guy friend seems to avoid you or is never around when you're with your boyfriend, he's probably jealous and likes you.
37. When a guy tells you that you are beautiful, don't say you aren't. It makes them want to stop telling you because they don't want you to disagree with them. gotta start doin tis..
38. When a guy looks at you for longer than a second, he's definitely thinking something. notti or nice
39. Guys like femininity not feebleness.
40. Guys don't like girls who punch harder than they do.tat's not a gal then
41. A guy has more problems than you can see with your naked eyes. :(
42. Don't be a snob. Guys can be intimidated and give up easily. arrogance is challenging
43. Everything in moderation. Put on makeup, wear perfume. Just not too much. so true
44. Guys talk about girls more than girls talk about guys.
45. Guys hate rejection, but they hate being led on even more.
46. If you are going to reject a guy, just do it. Don't say they are like a brother or just good friends, it just hurts even more. Tell them that you aren't interested in a relationship and they will respect you.
47. Guys really think that girls are strange and have unpredictable decisions and are MAD confusing but somehow are drawn even more to them.
48. A guy would give his left nut to be able to read a girl's mind for a day.
49. No guy can handle all his problems on his own. He's just too stubborn to admit it. stubborn
50. Not all guys are assholes. Just because ONE is a jackass doesnt mean he represents ALL of us. possible?
51. We don't like girls who are too skinny. thank God
52. We love it when girls talk about their boobs. shallow men
53. Always make sure you know what kind of stuff your getting into before making out with a guy ...like wheather it's a one time deal or not ....steal kisses...everywhere
54. Believe it or not shy guys are the most easiest to talk to..it may not seem right but trust me they will start opening up like books after you just ask them questions about their lives and unnoticablly tell them about yours...yes it is so
55. When a guy hits your butt it means that he wants you sexually eeuu
56. Even if they refuse it all guys are ticklish on the ribs..hahaha
57. Guys love neck rubs and if he lets you keep doing it ..it means that he really likes you or his neck really hurts...
58. Guys will test the waters to see how far they can get with you. Even if he doesn't intend to it will happen. Know how far it is you want to let him go and he will respect that...after you let him know a couple times.
59. When a guy sacrifices his sleep and health just to be with you, he really likes you and wants to be with you as much as possible. hmm...


got my eyes on U...

slept well last nite.had 8 miscalls frm B-sorry B.didnt hear the phone at all.tat IS unusual.got to work b4 7.cheche is here to keep me laughing n sane till 2PM n bumped into a new hottie wen was walking to the pantry to get myself my wakeup fix.was polite to even allow me to walk ahead of him.chivalry is rare n very seducing.

cheche watched tis smiled n told me m sneaky.young though.very.y m i always attracted to the kids.ahhhh!anyway m loving tis 7am shift a lot more.tot of changing to 1pm-don't think so unless m convinced hard.real hard tat it's for the benefit of the "floor". :)

p/s:Jztin,m wearing that marilyn monroe skirt :) hmm....scared.

p/ss:dedicated " turn the lights down low " to cheche since she is on her 5am shift for a week-the kinda song to slow dance to on the beach under the moonlight...


spicy weekend

the weekend was settling.

had a pleasant dinner,pocketed 2 out of 6 pool games (i knw u allowed me to win.don't pity me pls-hate tat)...

met up wif C,papa n tini.wanted to maintain tat happy high moments.decided on ceylon.eye candy.sweat.pulse.heinekens.wat more could i ask for huh?
love papa wen he's all alalala high-brings out the real him.pure fun.pure joy.pure craXiness.he sings badly.he dances poorly.yet love him the most wen he is like tis....
p/s:papa,we gotta club proper soon n i will make u the pole n dance around u k ? :)

suppered at nagas wif B n alicita.was entertained.needed my bed too at around 4....zzzzzzzzzzzzz slept at 5.30am.

felt pathetic to work on saturday.i'd rather picnic on a park!m off tis weekend,ter is a God.yippee.

drove up to genting to cheer coraline n an excuse to shoot tequilas n keep ourselves warm.i just needed to get out of KL-tequila was the bonus.company was smooth.the ride not so.
met up wif B's dj/uncle at safari-will allow C to elaborate more on safari club and the inhabitants.she's v.good at observing her surroundings...rite C...:)

my take-music was ok.beer was on the house.fugly crowd.clubbers who couldn't move.absolutely hate tat.a very bz makeout wall.hahahaha!

sunday was eazy.nice.lookout point was chilly n "chilled".loved it.haven't done tat in a while.the last 2 shots at the carpark wasn't a very good idea.damn!love sunrises.tat morning.couldn't give a rats arse.mandi kerbau,slept wif ciggy smelling hair.yuxx! need a massage.a real good one!

wokeup wif a hangover at 1pm.again-been a while.chilled at gb.lunched at 4PM.watched telly.hokkienmien + beer.the best cure for a hangover is actually a bottle of cold beer.not wat u both were thinking abt.tat cure is for headaches.n YES-it works like magic!!!

distractions.napped.distractions.napped.walkway light.3.69 metres.warm.chilly.creaks.

wakeup call at 6am.showered.at work on a public holiday.wth!the weather outside is just too enticing.n i love enticing :)

"come back to bed"


Your smooth and shiny feels so good against my lipS, Sugar

" I've closed my eyes and thought of us a hundred different ways "

if only...

" But this morning, there's a calm I can't explain
The rock candy's melted, only diamonds now remain "


can u handle me?

wikipedia says this of "pillow talk"

"Pillow talk is the relaxed, intimate conversation that often occurs between two sexual partners after the act of lovemaking, usually accompanied by cuddling, caresses, and other physical intimacy. It is associated with sexual afterglow and is distinguished from dirty talk which usually forms part of foreplay.
The content of pillow talk typically includes the sexual act itself, expressions of affection and appreciation, playful humor, casual anecdotes, and stories from childhood. A couple's pillow talk session is often used as a
plot device in works of fiction and drama, such as movies and television. It offers a convenient setting for a couple to discuss relevant plot events or reveal new information to each other.
It also can consist of two or more friends talking late at night. The "pillow talking" generally takes place at night and involves talk of romantic interests. The friends do not have to be in the same bed, although this does happen occasionally"

p/s: felt the urge to share wif my fellow fans n frenz tis.some ppl seem to b of the opinion tat i either shy away or m not vocab equiped to handle the above sorts of talk.

so to u, u, n u...BRING IT ON! i say......

oh yeah, u might wanna back up that many statement of yers,dear. :)


do u think of me in the days?
do u think of me even in the nights?
do u miss me in the days?
do u miss me more in the nights?
do i miss u?
do i?
should i?
must i?
would i?


a different kinda Sugar ruSh

hv been receiving heat about tis song for the past 16 hrs.
mayb i moved too quick.
i think i did.
but too bad.
deal with it.
just as u deal with me.
" A table for two, dinner room with a view.
Your body's on my menu.
Let me eat it up
Gonna start at your toes til I heat it up,
A table for two.
Tonight I'm gonna eat on you, but there won't be no I.O.U.s,
No teasing you, gonna kiss on your lips where it's pleasing you "

smile 4 me.



for u Tups'

this was on my hen nite in 2005 minus the stripper. :)
p/s : tups,thanx for tis 'reminder'.
" wishing we could go back to this someday soon....
Something money can't buy "





" Sometimes you pick your friends, sometimes they pick you "

my gorgeous angels.

let me introduce my bestest gals frenzzzz.i have been missing them for different reasons lately.maybe it's the whole aging process.i dunno.i know 10 years ago whilst sitting in the park curi curi smoking,we would have thought our lives would have been "settled" quite happily.now,i know we would rather pick that cold not soo clean park giggling silly and talk cock,huh?

tups-y-m so glad u're back n safer here near family n frenz.UK was something you had to do which saved u the next 40 years of misery.i admire your courage and independence.n YES-i will be fine....soon :)

macpei - i know letting go is never easy.u deserve better.always remember and believe in that u hot indian babe stuck in a chink body...

mila - u r NOT giving up.not just yet k?we will do the " follow the white line "in may when i get ter k.:)

mna - we love u.too much.tat's y we want to see u in a better place as a better person.

mummy - miss your care.i'll come back to u soon...

shu - how's oliver?how's ben?

sammy - have fun wif the bad boys.they R a lot more FUN...dangerous.yummy!

sin - will try to be a better fren n keep in touch more.was good to see ya last month.n YES - will save $ to visit u in the states n check out miami.:)

sarah-miss u screaming my name n watching u "kena" oppressed by mummy..hahahaha...

A friend drops their plans when you're in trouble, shares joy in your accomplishments, feels sad when you're in pain. A friend encourages your dreams and offers advice--but when you don't follow it, they still respect and love you.

that's what u gals do for me...bcoz i know m a lil' stubborn!
hugz n kisses wherever u R.