meow or roar ?

i've been wondering how was i going to summarize the past 8 months of my life in my blog.those close to me will know i don't understand the word summarize.i suck at summarizing.i am a long winded girl and i love that about it.
many will beg to differ of course.too bad lar!

then i thought why blog about the past to the present.i should take my time and blog the present to the past allowing my readers an opportunity to walk down memory lane with me.

And since it's CNY in the year of the tigeress.i'm no tigeress!or am i?
i'm the putty cat lying on top of the tiger ( the skinny version )
i wonder who is the tiger then ?
~ hahaha ~
Happy Chinese New Year my fellow chinko friends!
Go White Bengal Tiger !!!


I'm still alive.

in case some of you are wondering!
i'll be blogging soon.
God knows i need to.
i had been circling around the idea of blogging again.
i just kept pushing the thought to the back of my mind.
but today i was reminded on why i should continue blogging.
simply because once a while it reminds people of the good that was in their lives.
and that is enough for me.
we miss you.