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i know i am about to fall really sick.just that i do not know how sick is sick gonna be.the past 2 days i've been enduring fever,flu/sinus, slight sore throat and feel the chills right down to the bones.
so either i have my usual sinus attack or H1N1.
hopefully neither comes in the next 4 days since i am in the run for an 8 hour time bank."anything" must happen post 1st of October onwards onlyla.i ask just this from God.
i deserve the 8 hour!!!86 days of perfect attendance must NOT go to waste.
p/s:am gonna swallow my 5th actifast.
mummy-i want chicken soup. :(
p/ss:wanted to add a pic of chicken suop but nothing looks like my mum's chicken soup.



meet cho-mel.my 8 day old sweetness.rescued him from tesco curve curled amongst a number of ugly fishes.took me a while to pick.finally after 30 mins.felt connected to him!

isn't he just adorable.

tink it's a he.i really can't tell.can you?

p/s:cleaned the aquarium yesterday night.his shit is stinko.eeuu!

selamat hari raya

to my muslim friends,


to my non-muslim friends,


one of the pleasures of living in a world of many cultures, one gets to share the joys of different celebration all year round.

i want my rendang ayam and cornflake cookies.please.....
p/s: be safe everyone.

so far.

its too early in the morning on a public holiday.and to think i don't get $ for working is depressing.it's been raining every day that it's not funny anymore.my clothes have a certain unpleasant smell because the sun only comes out 3 hours in a day.maybe i should get a dryer.washed clothes are always warm and smell good.

my plants (not the virtual ones) look like they're about to wither too,my virtual farm is doing much better.occasional rain when it needs to.lots of sun.nice eh.yesterday,got myself a hot air balloon which sits a black sheep instead of my latest boytoy,chace crawford from gossip girls.he's 23 and hot.benny agrees that he is gorgeous which is both comforting and depressing.

i have a weakness for dimples

and a weakness for grubby looks

am in season 2 of gg.

love blair waldorf aka leighton meester-she's got character.
hate blake lively aka serene van der woodsen -after the 4th episode,you want to strangle her.

most of the boys/men are forgetable except my CC and chuck bass aka ed westwick.

i'd highly recommend GG for their fashionable wear,get envious with the lifestyle we will never have,extravagant parties the families host every week,how they make brunch look so classy and of course for chace crawford.

so just pop in the dvd,get a bar of chocolate,softest throw,lie on the couch and press ' play '

You know you love me.XOXO.Cheeky Girl.

p/s: m in love with good girls go bad.yeah i know,i have a versatile music sense,so sue me :P

" She was so shy
Till I drove her wild "


RLes does it again.

" I want to take your love and mix it with mine
And maybe have a Coca baby "
" Something about the way you look at me
Tells me that I just might be worthy "
"Even if I don't have all your trust
I want to give you all my love (ooh) "
" Baby Just take my hand and dim the light,
Coz for the rest of the night
We'll be making love the way that we're supposed to "
p/s: i like how he says 'coca'