Love sought, is good; but given unsought, is better.


been a while.

i'm @ work.been a while since i've been at work on a weekend.the upside tho,it's quieter.lesser of everyone working.nice.almost calming feel.love my spot.a corner.borrowed benny's random CD with Madonna's Celebration as the very first number,of course.
Did i expect any lesser from Mr.Hotness No:1.
So,back to my working on a weekend, i get to catch up on current affairs both educational + entertainment which is impossible on a weekday!i have time to nurse my paper cuts from filing as well.I don't have to rush and gobble food down whilst clearing mails.
basically i can goof off ( just a bit la )
Franky tapaued me breakfast.Made my morning or else i would have been stuck with having something from McDs and i feel sometimes that i'm too old for McDs.Anyone feels that way ah?
Its 8.54am.Have about 7 more hours.Damn!
Been a busy Q1.
- my 33rd bday passed on rather quietly which i like
- My bro turned 30 - God i feel old!
- Loving my new toy, Buttons!
- Loving my other toy,Sony TX1 cam with the right color,champagne :)***
- Mila + Neil came down and we spent some quality time ; miss her !
- BKK, YESSSS will write about it soon ( btw, hate most of the Thais )
- Phuket with the gals macam SATC minus the SEX :(
- Will miss Sin's querky self , she is such a ditz that she makes blondes look smart ,how lar?
- We're getting better :)
- I am putting on the pounds :(
- My team is growing with such dynamic characters ....
- realised that as i grow older i lack patience with persons and i am perfectly fine not having to deal with these people - arrogance i know, but i dont farking care. Life is just too short for me to fake it and pretend to be nice to you.Nah!
- Paps leaning sign language and has actually been attending ALL his classes,
the boy has grown up!
( altho he is not picking up my wakeup call for todays' class, ok YEAH he is awake)
- still on the look-out of a man for Tups, Match.Com? pweaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee
- the boys' room does not look like a store room anymore.loaded up 3-4 bags of rubbish!
- a psycho BITCH came into our circle of friends and nearly killed us, but we're stronger that that-so go shove your shit where the sun doesn't shine k thief !
- voluntereed to become editor for Insider Magz 2010,
- gosh i cannot remember anymore ???
p/s:our prayers are with David and his family that he will recover speedily + come back to drill us - we are slacking and we miss u david :(