The last weekend was a good weekend. Met up with old frenz.Faced my personal fears.Met new ones at AHR.Checked out Club 21-very HOT.Cooked on my half working stupid stove.Am so gonna break it once i purchase a traditional one.Old skool still the best.Ate.Drank.Played.Was MERRY.Slept like a baby!
Need to get another bottle of Jose Cuervo.
Hmm...probably in L'Kawi at year end.
Next on the list - Bring back the romance :)

"My insecurity Is takin' over me.I need to know where we stand.Is this a symptom of Us fallin' out of love.What happened to the romance?"


I know how to ROCK you

Occassionally I have this deep connection with a specific song. I seem to be having it this week.
It brought back lots of nice memories from my past which is absolutely scary. Partly because i know i should not be thinking about it.Partly because i am worried that i might just act on it.
So i gotta find some other way to channel these naughty thoughts.Someone TIE ME DOWN!
p/s: thanx for the RL link Boo...i want to listen this being played by a DJ in a club - your next possible task? :p


Colleagues vs Best Friends vs Soul Mates

A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow. William Shakespeare (1564-1616) British poet and playwright.

I had coffee with a good friend today who opened my eyes to the evil that friends are capable of. This friend has been telling me this for yonks , i gess i just did not want to accept the sad possibility. I am naive to a large extent because i feel that if i treat others with respect and genuine love, i would receive the same.
I am slowly learning that it is not.
With all the drama happening around me, everyone wants a piece of my life. But my life is my own. Rented possibly but my own. I decide my destiny. I decide who my friends are. I decide who is my soul mate. I decide where i walk to and with who i walk with...
I don't need 10 fake friends , just 3 true ones. Thankfully i know that i have 10 true friends and 3 fake ones. Not a lot of us can say this with conviction. I'm glad that i can.


My sweet but sick escape to the " ladang "

So,been on leave for about a week now.Planned leave did not work just as my life has been...so decided to get a lil' craxy and less of a drama queen and got shipped off on my own free will to the
" ladang ".
Thanx guys for putting up with my croaking aka attempt at singing,dizziness thru the windy dark roads,sick as a dog,grouchy self!
Next time,i promise to take my vits, don't get wet silly in the rain and be a lot more fun than i was!
I miss the chicken varuaval and prawn sambal.
Been thinking abt it in my sleep. DAMN!

Of course the reason for my sore throat,fever,flu and everything else horrendous that came along is in the picture below ! Need i say more - Thanx PAPA ! Cat - loved your company :)
( am not sarcastic k )


The list

So with all the chaos happening around me, i felt life was looking incomplete and my priorities being all fucked up. I am drawing up a list today that contains 31 things to do/see before i die.

1. Learn a language, always loved Japanese but Cat & papa said i would sound better speaking French.
2. Pick up another lanugage - French / Japanese / Spanish.
3. Bungee Jump at " The Rock ", downtown Ottawa Canada. It is one of the world’s most spectacular places in the world where you literally jump of a cliff.
4. Travel to India backpacking but staying at StarWood properties courtesy of him :) Who says you can't backpack and do 5 star :)
5. Visit The Taj Mahal to feel what true love is all about.
6. Skinny dipping in a lake with that special someone.
7. Go for a U2 concert in Europe .
8. Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Munich.
9. Party at an MTV after party
10.Go on a roadtrip in Australia with 5 best frenz.
11. Get up on a hot air balloon.
12. Make love in a forest on its' bare ground.
13. Bartend for a week at a local pub in London.
14. Overcome my fear of public speaking and be an MC for a good friend's wedding.
15. Take a ride on the highest roller coaster in the world.
16. Dance silly in the rain.
17. Visit The River Nile.
18. Bathe in the Ganges River.
19. Attend the Olympics.
20. Stop and Stare at the Mona Lisa.
21. SkyDive.
22. Participate in the world’s biggest water fight, Songkran in Thailand.
23. Learn to forgive and forget to move on.
24. Retire at 42 owning a cozy restaurant like Cippola's.
25. Own a beach house with large glass windows and wood flooring.
26. Learn the real dance to " Ella Me Levanto " .
27. Travel alone and soul search.
28. Stop biting my finger nails so i could paint them vampish red.
29. Chop my hair off and gain a feminine boycut.
30. LOVE unconditionally and NOT expect anything in return.
31. For us to be how we were. For us to find US back. For us to be in love again.