I will never see me as you see me.


music the way it should be.

love the video.love the simplicity of the lyrics.love the sexy beat.love the dance on the bar top.
no one can imitate this man's music and that hot sensual voice.

" You rocked my world, you know you did
And everything I own I give (You rocked my world)
The rarest love who'd think I'd find
Someone like you to call mine (You rocked my world) "


fashion forward?

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta @ Lady Gaga

didn't think much of lady gaga and her "just dance" that was just blaring everywhere.the song just reminded me of jztin's weirdo love for her."poker face" was cute.again-nothing fantastical.sTicko me however is obsessed with "love game" and i have to humbly agree that the remix version intro'ed by the local resident DJ,Boo is way way way cooler.Suppose am loving underground pop.nice nice.

B-just needed to hear it real real loud with the boom boom bang bang effects in sweety.u know the fussy me.:P

so i wikipedia'd her today whilst stuck@work. saturday mornings get by easier & sooner when i begin my days like this.

interesting - Have a read.

she seems to be set to be the next Madonna.long way to go to that i know but doesnt she remind you of Madonna's craXy hey days :)

Lady Gaga on herself - "nobody can copy me, because I can’t be copied."

she is fashionably bold.unabashedly provocative.ultra electrical.HOT!

p/s: In April she told a crowd at one of her concerts that her song "Poker Face" is about keeping a poker face when fantasizing about a woman while in bed with a man.




http://www.omnipeace.com/ im broke.so was advised against purchasing this online altho' the purchase would have clearly been
towards a charitable cause.:(
however to you rich folks,do visit the site and purchase anything BUT this t.
if i can't have it,no one can :P
my life's a BITCH.damn!



pop music is as we know it because of this one man.he is pure talent.talent such as his is God given.no one can imitate micheal's dance moves.his music reaches out to all ages.his music will live on long after he's gone.that is the power of MJ.that is the magic of MJ.no other artist will have an impact on music as he did.there is no doubt in that.all of the world speculates too much on his personal choices in life.

all i humbly say is love the music if you cannot find it in your hearts to love the man.

who are we to judge him?

not God.

" It dont matter if you' re black or white "

The First and Last King of Pop 1958-2009

getting engaged.

this is my lil' bro and his beautiful wife to be. they're getting engaged this saturday.the wedding is in november.dinner the next day.lots of running around that's happening back home.i'm supposed to be the bridesmaid for the wedding which is fine.am the only sister he has.nothing i can't handle, i suppose.

she is the only one i know who can shut him up.she is the only one i know he listens to.


good luck blak the oldies will be tagging around you for a while now...:p

happy berfday TnY...

@ hush

the sugared doll on the cake was the talk of the night

my next bday,i want superwoman in flying mode :)

so pretty.

carol with her cosmo,cat n me with our beers

childhood soul mates.

tny's wearing our gift.cantik!


nice nice.

good bye chris

amex family.

those who have had the pleasure of reporting to him as i have are blessed.
he is a very relaxed, down to earth and smart leader.
he is a risk person.always was.always will be.
he loved auths.we loved him.
we will miss you chris.
take care wherever you are.
good luck although you'd probably don't need it.
you are an asset wherever you go.
fly high.
p/s:jztin,thank you for temaning me to purchase chris's farawell gift !! luvs ya !!
the color and the fit was just perfect :)

been a while.

it's 2.42am.m in the office for night shif/t.surprisingly not sleeply.yet.am stuffed from the hokkien mee i had for dinner.so what's been happening these past few weeks huh?!lots.i know there is a lot of sibuks who are very the interested in my life.so here it goes in fast forward.with some pics.how can no pictures rite!?!

6th June -Celebrated Kasturi's wedding. She looked absolutely glowing.Am truly happy for you Kasturi.I know choosing the person you want to spend your life with was not a walk in the park.The wait was worth it - i'm sure.

the boy who missed Kasturi's hand in marriage - hahaha!

this shall be our standard pose in every wedding :p

twilight lit ceremonial hall made our eyes sparkle i think

1st June - dragged my tired feet back to work....cleared the zillion mails..yuxxx!

2nd June week - stared blankly into my laptop screens,walked around dazed,updated the numerous people who came to me asking " how was europe ? " i miss London :(

8th June - Received sad news that Cha's mama passed away. Funeral was the next day.She is a very strong woman.I would not have been able to even breathe if that happened to me.I know me.May he rest in peace. May she have part of God's strength to weather the coming years which will be cruel and harsh.She's got us in the mean time.

11th June - Decided after what seemed like a year to call HSBC and ask for my Rihanna concert tixs refunded.BITCH!

12th June - Time flies.time heals.time decides.

18th June - 1-1 with Jamie.Tension!


25th June - The passing of Farrah Fawcett & the King of Pop, Micheal Jackson.Sad and tragic.

26th June - Aunty P came to visit me :P

26th June - Movie Date - Transformers @ Pavilion. I want a man like Prime. He is so genuine.

27th & 28th June - Helped Cat set-up her new crib at CI2 - I love interior designing homes. Maybe i should pursue it as a career...hmmm...:)

28th June - Reality kicked in.Real Hard.Real Pain.Real.

30th June - Handed over my Mid Year Performance Review at 11.50PM ((dateline:12m/n) I work better both under pressure & pleasure....:)*

01 July - Was surprised and shy which rarely rarely happens...so thank you YOU... xoxo back

So that was that.Kept it short and simple.Let's see what July has in store for me.