food tasting take 1

my brother's wedding is in 24 days (omg) and i know this entry is sooo the lambat.however i have been busy as much as i thought i couldn't be.but then that's a different story for a different time.
so sometime in early oct,7 family and a friend was invited for my brother and his fiancee's food tasting.my first.
arrived at the Grand Seasons just after noon having not chomped on supper the night before.
camwhored around the ballroom area whilst waiting for everyone to arrive.
tomato soup
bread rolls
murgh shajahani curry
lamb keema
mee nu porial
prawn paratal
dhall tarka
vegetable jalfrezi
aloo mattar
vegetable briyani/white rice/chapati
sliced fresh fruits,gulab jamun & carrot halwa
teh tarik
orange cordial

when the huge arse dishes cover ( i dont know the name ) thingy mejengy was opened,everything from the vege to the chicken looked the same curry color.
hmm...something wrong here!
so we waited for the waiter to serve us and i dug in ( hungry mah)
how else to food taste/taste food la?
is there some sort of an etiquette?

my verdict is as such............
  • rice was not the pure briyani - have tasted better
  • chicken could taste the curry powder - my grandma makes better chicken curry.
  • lamb keema - pretty good
  • mee nu porial ( wc is fried fish ) - i fry better ones on my electric stove - serious!
  • dhall - loved it
  • vegetable - was okla (m not fussy)
  • prawn - could be a lot more fresh
let me not even go to the dessert. This much i know tho and take my word for it,
only a pastry chef can/should prepare desserts, those who make chapatis' shouldn't !
after 2 hours and several argument with the chef ( yes,we asked him to come see us )
three quarters of the menu was to be altered...

can't wait to try the fish tikka (my idea)

m i glad i'm not the one planning a 45 table massive dinner hoping nothing will go craXy.

p/s: thnx laks for sponsoring the wedding and dinner saree - love 'em.