quick pit stop.

been a while since i blogged.lots been happening.good stuff.beautiful stuff.hopeful stuff.not so hopeful stuff.sad stuff.work's a bitch.busy with my pmp and building on my profile for success scores.or else jamie will fire me.:(
will blog about something or rather soon.be patience jztin.till then take care all!



".....innit "
Why when i say this it makes U giggle silly every single time,i dont know.
What i do know is that i am beginning to adore that beautiful smile of yours.


mantra - for panic attacks

"No one has ever died from an anxiety attack."
"I will let my body do its thing. This will pass."
""I can be anxious and still deal with this situation."
"This does not feel great, but I can deal with it".[2]
"I am frightened of being frightened,
therefore if I stop worrying about being frightened, then I have nothing to be scared of."



" It won't do
to dream of caramel,
to think of cinnamon
and long for you "
so true.


been 8,760

everything's changed.i have.you have.we have.


nothing's permanent...

3 funerals in 5 months.2 good friends and one good friend's husband.i cannot take another death this year.pray that none of us will need to endure another loss.take care all.
stay safe.
stay healthy.
stay happy.


Day 2/3 of London.

CamWhoring continues

Grand architecture across London Eye.

In awe.

Big Ben at 4.45pm.

Mr.Ben & Me

Path towards London Eye - Pretty

London Eye and my cannot be seen face.

Waterloo Station
"Several scenes in The Bourne Ultimatum, starring Matt Damon, were filmed with British actor Paddy Considine at Waterloo between October 2006 and April 2007"

Would like to take this oppurtunity to thank Aidil from the bottom of my heart because without him,we would be completely LOST.He read the road maps and the tube maps well saving us plenty of good time to taste bits of London.We didn't miss any of our flights,coaches or trains which explains why there are numerous pictures of him holding a map of sort.Cat and Nurul sibuk many times and helped a bit here and there.Me.I stayed away because i KNOW i am navigationally challenged.So thanx Dil...

Taste Malaysia booth.Missed home for about 30 seconds.

London Tower Bridge

More CamWhoring with Cat's new Nike shades

Very scenic walk along the River Thames

Lunch on the Go from Pret @ Manger - Freshest sandwich & Cappucino with Choc Sprinkles

Mila who is very the English now.

Natural History Museum established on 1881 at Kensington Road

Entrance to Natural History Museum

Central Hall that houses my T-ReX - He is very adorable.

How the dinos became extinct?err...BOREDOM?hahaha!

Roaring T-Rex - quite the animated wan and he stares straight at you - cute!


Some England.

It's been a week since i've been back home.12 glorious days in London,Amsterdam and Paris.Had its' many high and a few low points as how my life has always been.The high points were absolutely divine though.Shan't share the boring low points,same ol'.same ol.

London is everything i imagined it to be.Took me 32 years to get here and it was damn worth it.I can so visualize myself in a power suit,boots and warm coat walking/working/shopping in Oxford Street.Ahhh.What a blessed life.*snap out of my day dream* DAMN!

So in my own style,I'll share with you the pictures that will speak for themselves.

muhibbahs all geared with bright smiles

papa who was kind enough to send us to LCCT - TQ paps.....

1st hour.12.5 hours more left.

AirAsia X roXX!!!

First view of London - Stansted Airport at 11.35pm local time.

Awaiting National Express coach from Stansted to Heathrow at 1am.

Smoke here in the harsh cold weather.PLEASE.

Sheraton Skyline Heathrow. Home for 6 nights. Thanx bc.

London Underground faithfully serving us commoners since 1863.

Lunch at Carnaby Street with Nurul's LonelyPlanet reading the shopping streets for the benefit of both Nurul and me :)

Jetlagged and a bitch about it.

Typical day on a London street.

First gulp of English cider - CHEAP and SMOOTH!

Camwhore wannabe - ishhh.

Thirst quenchers at 3.50 sterling.

Glossy Mayfair Lane.

I want to live at this address.

Artsy Fartsy Carnaby Street where Aidil bought his 35ukl Liverfool jersey.

London cab set against a Waitrose supermarket entrance at Gloucester Road, pronounced
" glester "

English breakfast in Illy's at London and for once NOT at La Bodega.