allow me to tease U....

Pictures say a thousand words.
These pictures are taken on my 4.0 Digital Ixus Canon cam.
There R not professional shots.
Visit the website for THE shots from heaven.
~ Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa ~


m down for re-construction

i think i might b hacked wc is creepy and flattering at the same time. i attempted to blog
early tuesday morning and kept receivin' this " your client has issued a malformed or illegal request".
NO.I did not log onto any porn sites.I know better than to do so at work.nyehnyehnyeh!!!

Begged Cat,Aidil n Benny to rescue me-thanx guys but they were as clueless as i was.
It seemed to be happening ONLI to my lappie.lately,everything electronical seems to go buzzzzzzzzzz around me.
first the lights at hm, then 2 wks ago my htc ,occasionally B's car ( I screwed up her am/fm channel tat was programmed-got fed up of listenin to emo music) n NOW my lappie!

So in summary,the blog owner could onli post entries and could not VIEW whilst everyone around her could,wc if you ask me is plain RUDE!
i decided then to blog my frustrations n desires thru everyone else's blog.but didn't get around to it since m bummed wif 5 tasks with 5 datelines all b4 end of next week! :(

Yesterday,an angel in the form of the IT guy,andrew came n after 1.5 hours upgraded my ie to ie7 wc now allows me to post,view,comment etc.i'm gonna buy him a cake from secret recipe and leave a thankyou card for him tomorrow!:) he's really sweet - he didn't need to do it n i didn't even have to call helpdesk to raise an IMR!
woohooo...it pays to smile sweetly n not walk around wif a donkey's arse lookalike face - " friends with benefit "

however, NOWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww the biggest downfall is that the ONLY soul who can view this is MUA.
YEAH - all my cutiepie frienz from the ofis who are NOT on ie7 r unable to view. it pops open a black wall wc according to Juztin is like my nostrils.i really don't know where he picked up speaking as such!PAPA-wat happened? really...tell me!

so here i am.blogging.alone.reading it alone.commenting it by myself n catty aka CAT who was smart enuf to upgrade hers to ie7 sometime ago.....smart gal!

so peps,either get yerselves on ie7 wc is a software approved by AXP or view from hm k!

m cold,hungry,tired nw.....i want hot spicy tomyam campur + nescafe tarik...Qbistro anyone?

p/s: as i type this ,my home lappie's cursor is moving on its own.
i'm moving into a cave NOW!


You miss me. I miss you.

BC at 101.

You have not teared to me in too long.

It took me by surprise.
You pulled me towards you.
That too took me by surprise.
I know how much you want this to work.
I think or hope you know how much i want to work at it too.
I do not wish to give you empty promises.
I know you are trying.
Trying a lot harder than me.
You want me to need you.
I don't want to need you.
I know you want to hear me say those words.
So do i.
I know you know,that time is the cure.
I see clearly now what is facing us.
You have an image of 30 years ahead.
I have an image of the next 30 hours ahead.
We used to have it all planned out.
Now we sit together in solace.

Is this the beginning of an end?
Is this the end of a beginning?

What are we waiting for?

it's forever ?

So s'cusa me, te quiero mucho papi
Je ne sais pas mais c'est la vie

m just plain whipped...

just got home from a emotionally drained weekend.
began my day at 7am on saturday after a 2 hour sleepless sleep.
craved for caffeine.
became crankier realizing papa was asleep.
stormed into his condo all set to pour iced cold water on his face and arse.
thankfully for the sake of my eyesight,he woke up with the skimpiest boxers.eeuu....
stormed back out with cutie juztin walking quietly behind me.
got to my caffeine.

reached weld at 8ish.
eyemo'ed my tired eyes.
photocopied the necessary documents.
chatted with kakroy for a while.
left weld after what seemed like forever.

reached rawang.
picked up boo's mummy n sis in law.
aaron thought we were taking his mummy to work.:)
left rawang at 10AM.

shankry,jeya,mummy,sis in law,B in the MPV.
frenchie,juztin,papa n me in ah beng.

the sitting arrangements were intentional.
thnk u boo for sacrificing your 12 hours of NO cengkih sticks.
the drive was good.
poor frenchie-the chinese gal was stressed with the heat,
our ash getting into her car,

the traffic,papa's on-going yaps.
i kept her calm. :)

juztin slept like a bitch 3 hours of the ride.

i envy those who can sleep in cramped spaces with the
sun beatin' on their faces as if they're
sleeping on a heavenly bad at the Westin.

wish i could do that.hmm..:(

after cruisin' on the emegency lane,we reached to do what we set out to do.

may God whichever God b with our friend.
she brought along wif her to KL honesty and joy to a lot of us in different ways.
we will miss u.

the drive home was solemn mixed with anger.

had quick dinner.
got home home.
had a hot shower.
watched telly.
needed a stiff drink.
made myself a screwdriver.
gave frenchie boring OJ.

slept at 3am.

pretended to work the first 3 hours on sunday.
actually worked the remaining 6 hours thru lunch/dinner.
thankgod for cheche who kept me sane for the last 4 hours.
she really should consider standup comedy.

suppered at nagas.

chilled at my carpark.

had the talk.

wc both angered and surprised me.

craved for caffeine at 4am.

drove out to Q bistro.

the happy waiters will soon know my name and where i live.

listened to jason mraz's " im yours " - how apt?

came home.

needed to blog whilst waiting for the sunrise.

mayb b/fast with B?

maybe sleep thru lunch?

i love being off on Mondays.

p/s-ter's a solar eclipse between 4.30-7pm today and if u go outdoors,u'd be stuck with arse luck
for the rest of your life. damn-we must have basked a lot to have the arse luck we're having...:)
will wait for the call from mummy later 2day tellin' me to avoid going outdoors.i know her tooo damn well wc of coz i will not give a thought to.sorry mumz it ain't making sense if your response to y i should follow is " just followla.no need to question.it's always been done for centuries "
yeah sure mumz!i love you but NO!

btw what time does the sun rise huh?


its been a while....

i haven't had time to blog in a while especially after i got back to reality after my bday leave!
m so swamped with work that it just ain't funny anymore.

India has teething issues but m too blessed to have the hardest trainer working wif me.I'd seriously consider suicide if i didn't have Benny in my professional life n B - he's just not tat into u - GET OVER IT!

my boss is teasing me working till 1am lo 2 days ago via LOLO...

he was like " what's keeping u awake? INDIA?
my reply " what's keeping u awake? YER WIFE :) ?
no reply! so cutelah he!

i've been showered with beautiful gifts for Christmas and my Bday.
THANK YOU - u know who u R.... some pics to feast on!

Just haven't got the Coach bag from BC and haven't got myself anything outrageously expensive as i did last year- my first Coach clutch...maybe i shouldn't get anything since my htc screen is fucking up - i stylus on the " s " and it types out " ? "

so an sms of 4 words took me like 5 mins - tpying,deleting,typing,deleting,typing,giving up hope.
frenchie advised me to just call la.but love SMSing.
according to papa,my one sms will lead to 6 more. :)
i really don't know wat the hell he's on about la...

so lowyat it is if tis persists and annoys me too much tat i decide to kill it but nah don't think i'll do it as it was bought wif lots of love....
B,u might need to actually give me the htc dealer numlo...my statement to u whilst lunchin' in secret recipe has flown to bite me in my left butt cheek - DAMN!
hey maybe i can get that pick casing then...huh...hmmm...God works in miraclous ways huh!

watched bedtime stories 2day with juztin n carol in klcc...everywer has the big bright RED SALE tags...life's a BITCH man... need a sugardaddy...

walked into topshop-was tempted to get the club hat.
walked into Zara-wanted casual girly tee's to wear wif my skinny jeans but nothing shouted out to me.
walked into BodyShop-got myself a brown lipliner and brown lippie as lost mine at Sid's pub when my clutch dropped :( ( lost my GA lippie ).
walked into Marks n Spencers-got myself a knee length casual skirt to wear to Chillis for RM59!got my rich tea biscuits...carol n i were tempted to get satin lingeries for rm159 then decided against it since it was new arrivals,will wait till the price drops.

still on list to purchase:-
i) keychain holder - my PINK holder has tatters and i've lost my postbox key-need to get replacement nw!c wat i mean guys...i need to get a NEW one...maybe a braun buffel? :)
ii) that summer Billabong tee i saw- only got M - my boobies will not fit into an M..need an L.
iii) CK euphoria
iv) doormat for home entrance - IKEA wif frenchie...
v) M.A.C lippie - AB3 orchid strate - hv Olive's sis to get it for me on discount...so scared to even
share my fav lippie color in case my "fan" gets one 2 - its a craxy craxy world we live in...eeuu
vi) M.A.C lipliner too in red/marron/fuschia
vii) a shift dress n corporate jacket for corporate Mondays...soon my boss will walk to me
telling me to stop giving him excuse that he's not paying me enuf for me to get Zara clothing for Mondays..

so tat is my list for Q1 2009!

in B's words, i've yapped too much alredi! enuf enuf enuf ... tomorrow or rather today WILL be a long day...rawang,cheras,lunch,sleep,possibly kelanajaya?dunno...

niteynite folks...the day has begun for ME! mwah mwah.....................................

p/s:m in lurveeeeeee with Mariah's O.O.C song...

wat anonymous truly is...

"Nameless; of unknown name; also, of unknown or unavowed authorship; as, an anonymous benefactor; an anonymous pamphlet or letter"

as the above clearly spells it out - YOU ARE NAMELESS!

so as most of u know,i have a fan who views my blog almost daily for lengthy periods of time at ungodly hours of the day n leaves BS waste my time crap....did i say BS - oh yeah i did!
what this lowlife doesn't know is that i has 85% inclination n
proof that i/we know who she n he is. so all i need is the 100% data to come my way n it shall in due time.

after that the world WILL be a BETTER place for all of us...

p/s: C,B,A,J,C,K,CC - i know u want to break this lowlife's face 2 n when the truth is revealed ,
we will have our DAY k kids until then we continue having a blast bitchin' about it!

enuf said - back to the important matters in my life...:)


2 BRUISED 2 FEEL.........

Loves, not how it used to be
And the passion that made me strong
Is clearly breaking me
I scream you shout you're my
favourite enemy
I wanna hurt you like you're hurting me
Up down your moods swing with
more extremity
This heartache won't go away
I bruise when you get close
Feel my body choke
Bitter last blows
In the war with you
When you get close
Don't do it I'll lose it
I'm seeing red
I'm on low resistance
You better keep your distance
Before you do
something you might regret
I scream you shout you're my
favourite enemy
I wanna hurt you like you hurting me
Up down your words come with more intensity
This heartache wont go away
I bruise when you get close
Feel my body choke
Bitter last blows
In the war with you
When you get close
Feel my body choke
So the pain grows
In the war with you
Though I bruise easy with you boy I know you still got the power to hurt me
Stay out of my way now
Till loves gone, gone
So I can move on
I bruise when you get close
Feel my body choke
Bitter last blows
In the war with you
When you get close
Feel my body choke
So the pain grows
In the war with you
Still fighting
in the war with you
Don't try and end the war with you
"Still fighting in the war with you "
" Must end the war with you "
Sweet Nichole kept on yapping about this forwarded desciptions on zodiac signs.
Was wondering if the below really describes me.

Hmm...watcha think?

CAPRICORN - The Go-Getter
Patient and wise.

Practical and rigid.
Tends to be good-looking.
Humorous and funny.

Can be a bit shy and reserved.
Often pessimists.
Capricorns tend to act before they think and can be unfriendly at times.
Hold grudges.

Likes competition.
Get what they want.


my fix?

"Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our
hearts, and we are never the same."


U must B - Artstrong ft. Gina Rene

When i'm with you
you know you make my days
so beautiful
with your different ways
you make me lighter
i'm movin with the wind
love you know what you got for me
i got for you too
we can't pretend

give me another chance to breathe in
you got all the things i need and
together we're just so complete
you must be the reason i'm alive

it's all so new
yet so familiar
everytime i'm next to you
i feel somethin like forever
yes that's right
c'mon and talk to me
let some uh that sweet poetic love
fall over me..

Give me another chance to breathe in
you got all the things i need and
together we're just so complete
you must be the reason i'm alive

all this time i've been lookin for someone like you
i never really thought you existed
now i see my dreams are all comin true
i just want to stay right here with you...
you say i'm like fresh air for the birth of your new eyes..i say you're like the sun bright enlightening my skies today.. We got together to create a new world
only a real man can understand the gift of this girl..bells are ringin cause what you're bringin has got me singin..now i can breathe in you're all i'm needin love is a breeze and spring is the season i'm feelin so alive inside and you must be the reason..
All this time i've been lookin for someone like you
i never really thought you existed
now i see my dreams are all comin true..i just want to stay ..right here with you..

Give me another chance to breathe in
you got all the things i need and
together we'rejust so complete
you must be the reason i'm alive......

old skool rnb.brings memories of iguanas n roxx.the rm5 watered down ladies nite drink.following the white line back home.slow mo on the dancefloor.partyin' every fri' n sat' nite wif the gals n occasional boys tat came into our lives.hmm!Memoriesssss....


I turned 32 on 12.01.09

The eve of my birthday began at 11iSH am with me restocking on groceries. Felt really bad for cat that i offered her maggi in the bowl tat expired in apr'08 which she ate. OMG! we should have gone out tapau food la frenchie. Realized then that i gotta restock,thus began our journey to Giant,PJ. So now i have the essentials to entertain my guests - wine,OJ,tissue roll,low fat milk,shower foams,junkfood etc...m not gonna bore u with the boring details..:)
u get my point rite.

Damage = RM291.30

Mumz came over with home cooked lunch-chicken curry,veg,rice,chicken soup.
Tried to cat nap after she left.
Did not materialize as received the sms to dress as if it's winter for the surprise b'day dinner.
Pictures say a thousand words.
Be invited to journey my day with my honest photos.

too much of words is just that - too much of words.

On The Way

We look too damn good 2gether :)

She's just not that into u,PAPA

Friends for LIFE

Dining at Las Carretas

the margaritas explain the big smiles on our faces

I loved this surprise guys. The cake n 32 candles were awesome.
m a very cake,candles,blow person :P

Jose Cuervo - probably the best tequila in the world

Thanx B for the surprise.
The day was simple n sweet just the way i wanted it to be.
Luv ya.

Group Pic.
Thank you my beautiful friends for making my day complete !

"Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam, Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home."


Read this from the horoscope page of The Sun whilst havin' our coffee at Starbucks - so true!

“" One of your strengths is your ability to overcome even the most challenging obstacles. This can mean that you sometimes regret things that come too easily with certain weariness. Don’t allow that to undermine your enthusiasm for the offers now appearing. They’re every bit as good as they seem "

This was from Friendster’s daily horoscope tat drops onto my almost insignificant Friendster account...this is definitely directed to my beautiful friends...remember guys the entire month of JAN is my bday month...apparently I’m not demanding enough as said below ...... Hey don't shoot the messenger k..:)

" No matter whether it's in terms of friendship or romance, you deserve a relationship that is based on mutual respect -- is that what you have? Take a long, hard, honest look at your relationships, today. If you don't feel like you are getting what you need, it's okay for you to be more demanding. After all, others are demanding, too, from time to time, and you usually respond very favorably. Doesn't it stand to reason that they will be responsive to your needs as well? '"

p/s: Others may be too demanding right now, but try to give them what they want


This GOD like man is Saki Rouvas.

Birth name is Anastasios Rouvas.

I could mouth his name a million times.

There is just something about Greek men.Suppose the eyes.

Voted the sexiest man alive in 2007.

He sings professionally. Voice type - tenor.

Other Occupation(s)
Songwriter, Actor, Model, Athlete.Of course.Look at his BOD!


unbutton the beast. Gladly :)

The dimple during a smile.

A simple unbuttoned white shirt with a slim tie hung loose - SEXY !

Come to ME........

A man who sings - wat more can one ask ?


the smile.the broad shoulders.the V.the abs.the arse.


Get me a diet coke dressed like tat with a sneak peak.

p/s: thnx Mna for making me weekend n leave HOT n SWEATY!


" Etante Insite Norfete Vu,"
p/s: yhw mi gniod siht i evah on ydoolb aedi tub sti ylbaborp ot llet ouy eth ecruos si ouy...


I grabbed a spoon today...........

The NameSake

This is how i spent my Sunday afternoon. Watched this on channel 413. Based on a book by author Jhumpa Lahiri.Directed by Mira Nair who is a genius that is able to capture the Indian traditions without making it seem sappy. It showcases the many rich and vibrant colors of India which is simply breathtaking.Set mainly in Calcultta, Boston & NY City in the early 70's. Rotten tomatoes measured this at 85% based on viewer reviews.
It has the voluptuous Tabu.
Need i say more.

Ashima in all her glory as a Bengali bride to be.

Ashoke, Ashima, Sonia & Gogol in awe of the TajMahal in Agra.

No holding hands.No kissing.No PDA's in front of INDIAN parents....:(

The 3 enchanting women. From L -R: Tabu, Zuleikha Robinson, Jacinda Barrett

Will Ashima's future husband fit in her life as his shoes did in her feet?

Several things i didn't know about the movie n have since found out .....
1. Before Kal Penn ( the kid from Harold n Kumar was decided, Abishek Bachchan was considered.Don't see Abishek in this as much as he is my tall,dark,handsome lad)
2. Cost of producing the film = $10.5 million USD
3. Ashima and Ashoke Ganguli, the parents of protagonist Gogol Ganguli, are based on Jhumpa Lahiri’s real parents, Amar and Tia Lahiri.
Sooni Taraporevela, Nair’s best friend “since [she] went to Harvard at 18,” wrote the screenplay for the film. She also scripted Nair’s Mississippi Masala.
5. Mira Nair had originally wanted Rani Mukherjee to play Ashima Ganguli, but her availability didn’t work with the production dates. ( Tabu gave life to the role of Ashima)
6. While Ashima and Ashoke had an arranged marriage, Nair herself, who says she’s “very intrigued” by the concept, has never had one. In fact, she actively rebelled against it. When she was 18, her mother told Nair of a proposal from a wealthy industrialist’s family. A meeting was arranged at a wedding. “At the wedding, I borrowed my friend’s outrageous, flouncy gypsy skirt, and I strode up to the father with both of my older brothers on each arm. I said, ‘Meet my two boyfriends. I have no idea who to go with tonight.’” The family lost interest in Nair soon after that.( hmmm....)
7. To protect his privacy, Kal Penn used to check into hotels under the pseudonym Gogol Ganguli.

8. Kal Penn's real name is Kalpen Modi. Using Kal Penn,his audition callbacks went up by 50%.

The book cover.
A book that i actually want to spend time reading.

p/s: Ashima means "she who is limitless, without borders." I like the name.


Hot n Cold

We have been skirting around the possiblity of being ONE.

We give each other mixed signals in the late night phone calls.
We give each other mixed signals whilst seated in the car.
We give each other mixed signals when i smile cutely n he blushes n turns away.
We give each other mixed signals when he hugs me but i know he doesn't give himself completely.

We know we're tormenting each other behaving as such or are we liking the torment ? Mayb a lil'.. :)

The rides home,the lunches,the dinners,the gifts all represent his disorientated state which is fine by me since m wanting to enjoy the ride ...... All we can do is linger on...sweet escape to nothingness...

So is this what they say courtship aka flirting is alllllllllll about ? but I m soooo not a flirt :p
We'll wait n c wer the skirting around leads me/u/us to...k?

p/s: " You wanna chill in my Lamborghini.You wanna look but you don't wanna see.So what do you think of that look in my eyes.You think it's for you? "



my new year resolution.
if i can keep some of my promises up to at least march will truly be a miracle lo...

- guests n me to onli puff away at my balcony... no wer else as need to restock on ambipur's after tobacco scent
- owner can smoke at the toilet during big biz..now u understand y the need to restock the ambipur
- lose another 10 kgs to fit into my size 12 ultra short denims - hmmm brings back sweet pleasant memories :)
- save $$$ to make that all awaitin' europe trip - UK,Spain,Rome,Amsterdam,Paris
- smoke n drink a lot less - the crate of Heine is not gonna HELP!
- less carbs ie less nasikandars - more nan/wholemeal bread!
- less profanities since "someone" abhors it - will try k BC
- learn how to finally burn music onto dvds to curb my sudden urge to listen to rehab at 4am. frenchie & B - tis is your task - i don't care how n when u teach me even if u need to draw me charts to make me understand - YOU WILL!!! I DON'T CARE...is tis my
demanding side huh :) but im cute n u love me...i know!
- get attentive professionally ( i owe it to Jamie as he has been very supportive of me )
- let LOVE in ....

so here i go on my one year journey of simplicity,humility,wonderful possibilities,unadulterated happiness & peace to find me....

p/s: it's like i checked into rehab ( for 6 mths )
n baby you're my disease

01-01-2-0-0-9 3.55PM 19WS060

'Au revoir ' to my pasts.
' Bonjour ' to my new beginnings.