The Fold

i've fallen in love.

with the longchamp.

thought i'd start off with the low end ones.

i deserve it.

i want it customized with my initials.

i want it flown in.

i don't want what the rest has.

i must have it.


because i am a diva.

what i have picked so far.....


whore much huh ?!

about 3 years ago some skank who kept leaving anonymous comments on my blog and asked if i was a whore because of my blog title " life for rent " and if i was renting my body ?!!? Obviously the skank does not move around an educated bunch. moves around much just not the right move. how can i retort to something as stupid as that? So i obviously didn't because she wouldn't understand even if i prepared a pictorial chart for her.

the title for my blog came about 2 months after i found out.i was listening to music at work trying to piece the events of my life.i love dido and this one song stuck to the core of me. and that's when i decided to rent the title of her song. no truer meaning of this has been felt.at least by me,to me,for me.

so the skank can FUCK OFF to where ever the sun doesn't shine.

there. i've said mah peace :p