am about to embark for the second time COBC's 8 week challenge. On my first completed try, i lost 11 kg in 2 months. The same 11 kg that i could never lose. Short of starving and consuming diet pills, i thought i had tried everything. Thanks to my little brother and his want to make a change on 1st Jan  2012, he lost 17 kg in 90 days. He is now healthier, happier and importantly light enough to fly :)
As for me in my quest to try something anything new once a month, i decided to join hundreds of boot campers ( past and present ) on the 8WC tomorrow. And this time i have decided to document it. It is proven. Nothing else comes close to it. Keeps me focused for the next 60 days. Now let's just pray no one pisses me off to a point where i run to the nearest Baskin's for a scoop of peanut butter chocolate!

inside I'm a Beyonce. 
now to work to get that on the outside too