CyberSpace MadNess

So the craze for most young working yuppies is getting themselves a FaceBook profile. I say most because they are lots of young working non yuppies who force themselves into the cool world of FaceBook,herein known as FB.
Now me being the camwhore,diva that i know i am, i love FB for the basic underlying fact that it is supposed to get people closer to each other.I found my ex after 11 years in FB. So enuf said.
I've got tons of photo albums bcoz pictures say a thousand words. When i look at these pics, i want to feel what i felt when i took the picture....
NOW the only nagging issue i have been feeling is that people seem to want to compete. Who has posted the most pics,who has posted the most nastiest comments,who has posted the number of persons they've slept with!
I mean....
Your personal life is your personal life.Your private choices,private thoughts,private matters are just what it is - PRIVATE. People don't really want to know them,because a lot of us are busy either motivating the team to become future leaders,saving the dolphins,planning for a baby etc.
You want to shout out loud you're in love, heck i can accept it.Being in love is the most beautiful feeling. Enjoy the ride whilst it lasts anyway...:p
You want to shout out loud that you've had it in your current job,im fine with it.Just make sure your boss is NOT on FB too.
You want to shout out that you've had the longest week,go ahead.I'll send you a strawberry martini drink!

But don't shout out that you've farted,that you're waiting for your driver to pick you up.HEWWO...seriously no one wants to KNOW!

HAPPY FB'ing !

Farah - I've changed the font for you dear :) nice one ?