never really shared the warm friends i work with. i spend as much time in the office as i do away from it.so the people i work for and work with matter a lot to me.i hate crap office politics-life is just too short to deal with shit like that.thankfully the office politics is minimal.we address our bosses with their first names.we drink and club with our bosses.always been an open door policy.explains why i have STILL not looked elsewhere.so here they are.the reasons why my 5 work days go by easier.the pictures will show you what i mean. one thing is for sure - they definetely hire the best and they let us do the rest.

English partners in KL - june'08

@ Madam Kwan's Pavillion - june'08

1st team outing @ Pavillion - Aug'08

x-director's farawell makan-makan - feb'08

with hansom Fung = AmeX 30th Anniversary celebration - 220409

my cute BOSS in the suit and the multitude of talented leaders - nov'08

Cate & me wif Chris funkiest VP ) - angpow giveaways for CNY '09

have known this hot bod mum of 1 since 2001- love her honesty.

ayu which is really not us...:)

need i say more. Second best company to work in Malaysia.i'd say that is not bad for an organization that does not even have a local business in KL.

" American Express Sdn Bhd in Malaysia was named a Top 10 of Hewitt's Best Employers in Malaysia, as well as a Hewitt Best Employer in Asia for 2009. The company ranked as the second best company to work for in Malaysia, following the Ritz-Carlton. There was no ranking provided for the Best Employers in Asia list.

It is the second time American Express Malaysia, which includes employees from Global Network Services, Global Merchant Services and Customer Service International, has made the Malaysia list, with its first recognition awarded in 2005. The awards also closely follow Hewitt's recognition of American Express Hong Kong last month, which was revealed as a Top 5 Best Employer there.

The Hewitt Best Employers in Asia are selected among 912 companies representing 180,000 employees in eight markets: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, India, Hong Kong, China and Australia/New Zealand. Other companies that also made the Asia list include: Agilent Technologies, Cisco Systems India, Domino's Pizza India, Federal Express Singapore and Malaysia, and Johnson & Johnson Medical China.

American Express was the sole credit card company to make the list and one of only two financial companies listed, alongside Hong Kong's Convoy Financial Services. The final list was published in Monday's Wall Street Journal Asia.

As for the Hewitt Best Employers in Malaysia list, American Express was the only financial company included, beating companies from multiple industries such as Federal Express, Hilton, Intel and McDonalds.

"It is truly an honor and a measure of success of all the employee and business- focused efforts we have put in place over the years," said Chris R Somervell, vice president, Risk Operations ASEAN, of the Kuala Lumpur call center. "These efforts have been built to ensure that we create an environment where employees feel that they are able to grow and contribute towards the organization and feel a part of the organization. Employees will be proud to be a member of an organization that has been named best employer."

Top 10 Hewitt's Best Employers Award 2009 (Malaysia)

1. Ritz Carlton

2. American Express (M) Sdn Bhd

3. Four Seasons

4. Federal Express

5. Agilent Technologies

6. SP Setia

7. Hilton

8. Intel

9. McDonalds (Golden Arches Restaurants (M) Sdn Bhd)

10. Telekom Malaysia (TM)


gifts of L-O-V-E

i lurveee the way tis picture was shot.

probably bcoz of all the soft pinks staring at me.

the pouch was my christmas gift from cat.tis pouch is my life saviour.holds my lip gloss.my migraine tablets.aspirin for the hangovers.minyak angin.t/drives.facial blotters.miniature boss.so mwahsss.

the environment band is from na.got myself an rm5.90 save the planet bag from guardian to reduce plastic bags.slow n poor attempt though.terlupa the bag pulak.n yet collected another plastic bag.damn.i will persevere.so mwahsss.

photo courtesy of B.u don't love me ANYMORE...:( but mwahsss.

m shy.NOT!

been wanting to share/blog/bitch/educate about the 2 boxes of gifts i received frm cheche.given with lots of love,im sure.y?i dunno.nevetheless thnx a bunch cheche!i accept it with open arms!

pil jamu galian rapet or i call it as "pil jamu rapat pepet".tink i got tat term from the kinky talks with fify.i swear the pic on the cover looks like a rough scientific pic of a vagina to me.i said rough.

Khasiat dan Kegunaan: Khusus untuk wanita.Diramu dari bahan-bahan pilihan khusus untuk wanita yang rajin merawat tubuhnya.Jamu in meyehatkan dan menyegarkan badan,membuat tubuh menjadi langsing serta wajah selalu bercahaya.Mengurangi kelebihan lendir.Cara pemakaian: Tiap pagi and sore 10 pil sekali minum,diminum dengan air hangat ( matang )

pil jamu mekar sari which of course has a lady with her hands on her breasts.if not for the pic,i would have thought its a fertilizer for a flower plant.rite.

Khasiat dan kegunaan: Pil jamu in menyehatkan badan,memperbaiki bentuk tubuh dan mengencangkan payudara sehingga tampak indah and menarik.Cara pemakaian: Minum tiap pagi dan malam,sekali 10 pil.

i have not taken the course yet.as am worried about the 10 pills a day.coz seriously 10!?!WTF!?!besides the weather is just toooo darn HOT and i know taking this will be stupid silly. i cannot afford to have more pimples before my eurocade.then again,do i need or want bigger breasts.hmm...i wouldn't mind actually.who doesn't.as for the rapat pepet-how rapat my pepet is/isn't is really MY own business and whoever i'm DOIN'..........:)

btw-pil perkasa is for the men to enhance their errrr special stick...OMG!

p/s:cat,please do translate the indon to ingrish.it will make our week go by a lot easier...:)


- - -

people hurt you.....because they can.....and they usually do.....


kiss me.soft.kiss me.hard.kiss me.long.

" Ideally the width of a mouth should be twice the height of the lips "
"You really learn a lot from a kiss. ... Sixty-six percent of women say they would dump a guy after a bad first kiss," she says. "It's not only because you're getting that good whiff of him so you're seeing if you like the way he smells. All your senses are engaged, and you get a sense of his sensuality, his connection, whether he's a take-charge kind of guy or more of a stepping back kind."
When it comes to relationships, Berman says kissing frequency is a direct indicator of happiness. "It turns out that couples who kiss and cuddle regularly are eight times less likely to be stressed and depressed than couples who don't get that," she says. "You have to have a minimum of a 10-second kiss every day."
said by sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman - from Oprah.com


ameena's grand entrance...

your tiny porcelain fingers entwined with mine.
your fresh scent after a warm shower.
the feel of your warm body against my chest.

p/s: thanks na for bringing your loves' to us since we somehow didn't seem to be able to find the time to come to them...yes yes we do not deserve to be known as aunties. :(


no.THANK YOU airaSia...

so,mr.tony fernandes emailed me a thank you note about 2 weeks ago.m truly flattered.u're most welcome mr.fernandes.highly doubt i'm the only one who received tis.but still feel special.very.

besides.i know i have probably spent enough for him to buy a seat handle.just the left onela.the right side would have probably been from jason d.

CONGRATS AirAsia~now everyone can fly...anywhere n everywhere...i know i m :)


CamWhoRinG @ Secret Recipe WELD

notti or nice?

y the serious vogue look?
deep in thought?
sis n bro.

craddle snatcher.
me-pimply face.jztin-HOT
it's never enough. is it?
bday babe in 10 days.
carolita needs SLEEP.
nice.i like.very much.


...n all that jazz...

" This is something I never wanted
Since I met you I’ve been on it
I think about you all the time
Can't get you off my mind
I know this can’t be love ( I know this can’t be love)
But baby it must be love (But baby it must be love)
Thinking of going
All of the way
I wanna show you but I’m afraid
I know you say it’s all of me
Maybe tonight I let you see
I know this can't be love (I know this must be love)
But baby it must be love ( I know it must be love)
Don’t wanna give in to you so easily
But I can’t even fight it you make me so weak
And I can’t understand what you're doing to me
But I like it (I like it) I like it (I like it) "
p/s:thnx B for tis - kept me quiet on a day when i all i wanted to do was scream.
cassie sounds good.like tis compilation.



" I’m breaking all the rules now anyway… since I’m going to hell.”
borrowed from 'Twilight'



Today is International Pillow Fight Day.So,happy pillow fighting yo all.Over 75 countries are participating in this mayhem today. Kuala Lumpur's secret location was revealed at 4pm today.Found this idea quite fascinating.Wish i was OFF.Damn it.M stuck at work.Would have been interesting to laugh silly with friends n complete strangers in the midst of being sandwiched with tons of pillows-both hard n soft.As long as i don't leave with a neck sprain.

?pillow talk + pillow fight = awesome?

Westin Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok Thailand

space to roll around over each other.or should the space be a lot less compact hmmm? :) large sized pillows for 2 heads to rest on.4 additional unnecessary smaller pillows which will definetely fall onto the floor anyways.sheets that feels like sheer satin on your bare skin.comfort that will keep you warm in the day and the night.

THIS must surely b HEAVEN on EARTH....


I realize that nothings' as it seems

Desert Rose - Sting ft.Cheb Mami

fell in love with this song when i heard it in my lil bro's music collection some years back.He listens to all sorts of music-eastern,western,fusion.wc grows on me over time.lovely to have loved ones around me that R musically inclined.tis song kept me almost sane some months in 2005.the heart n soul tat went into producing tis song can b felt in the lyric.even in the arabic ones.music that crosses borders.untranslated lyrics that touches you.nice.

it gets loud at times.it goes soft at times. it goes silent at times.

imagine.bare feet.dancing under the stars.on a yacht.swaying of hips.sexy

" I dream of rain

I lift my gaze to empty skies above

I close my eyes

This rare perfume is the sweet intoxication of her love "


the honeSt me

1. Beer: Chilled.
2. Food: Home Cooked.
3. Relationships: ARGH!
4. Crush: David Archuleta.
5. Power Rangers: eeuu...
6. Life: Complicated.
7. The President: of U-S-A
8. Yummy: You.
9. Car: Speed.
10. Movie: Can't seem to sit still to get thru an entire movie.
11. Halloween: Trick or Treat?
12. Sex: Long.
13. Religion: Helps one stay rooted.
14. Hate: Liars.
15. Fear: Of never belonging completely to someone.
16. Marriage: Overrated.
17. Blondes: naughty or nice?
18. Slippers: shorts,beach,thongs=holiday.
19. Shoes: an addiction.
20. Asians: errr... boring ? narrow ? very few cool asians...
21. Pass time: Dream away.
22. One night stand : prefer stands-Hugh Jackman for starters...
23. My cell Phone: Can't live without.
24. Smoke: A must after food.
25. Fantasy: me + u ?
26. College: First Love. First HeartBreak.
27. High school Life: Unforgettable.
28. Pajamas: sexy sweet pink.
29. Stars: Romantic.
30. Center: like a hard candy with a surprise center.
31. Alcohol: Anytime.
32. The word love: been a while.
33. Friends: Can't live without them.
34. Money: Need more.Want more.Should have more.
35. Heartache: Numbing Pain.
36. Time: Never enough when u're happy.Too long when u're at work!
37. Divorce: Sad.
38. Dogs: Lovable.
39. Undies: Comfort.Lace.Low waist.
40. Parents: Need to spend more time.
41. Babies: Innocent.
42. Ex: Changed for the better.
43. Song: Saviour - Anggun.
44. Color: Confidence.
45. Weddings: Bliss.Loved.
46. Pizza: Dominos.only.
47. Hangout: Good company laughing.
48. Rest: Sleep- kissing whilst hugging.
49. Goal: Sweat.
50. Inspiration: Haven't found it.