back in motion.

morning commoners.
m @ work.my first weekend work.oh how i loath me.working on weekends.wishing i was snuggled under my comforter.not having a nightmare about paranormal activity 1.how am i to watch PA 2 now?and YES i have watched PA 1 at least 3 times!
happy 2011.its 29 days into the year.17 days after my 34th birthday.many days to go before my holiday trips kick in.can't wait.
the last 6 months of 2010 was hectic,thus the lack of material on my blog.however,i will try to make it up in my style,of course;with thousands of pictures.

was reading a blog which was not worth spending time on except to mock it; http://7dayholiday.blogspot.com/
papa,the avid surfer triggered anger in me yesterday about this india born indian girl passing thru Malaysia for all of 5 days and decided she should travel blog badly( might i add ) and inaccurately on somethings Malaysian.She has all but 3 posts.Like seriously....* roll eyes *
so i took all of 25 minutes to read her blog and find her to be shallow,unread and likes the word swagger and Africans. Nothing against both,but this woman overdoes it.
I was unable to leave a comment,so the plan is to comment on internets' NO 1 site - FACEBOOK as well as blog about this and reach out to my audience.
She writes that the Tamilans aka Indians in Malaysia eat more idlis and dosai/thosai as compared to the Indians in India. This is bull shit. I am a foodie and i do not crave for thosai everyday.You know why ?! Because i am spoilt for choice - chee chong fun,konloo pork noodles,nasi lemak with kerang,mamak mee,the occasional Big Breakfast etc.So really where is the thosai that us Indians are eating?!?!?!If anything the non Indians are seen enjoying such delicacies.
Point no 2; the Indians are all part of some gang!Quote unquote below;
" A lot of people I spoke to had seen or experienced crime by Indians first-hand. These gangsters created this unfortunate stereotype that has been carried in the media and makes Malays and people from other races wary of Indians as a community " Are you not stereotyping based on the 4 persons you have met ?
Does she know that the 87th richest person is the world is from a tiny country above Singapore?!YES she does.
Does she know that AirAsia, a highly successful low cost carrier and the brains behind it is a Malaysian? Again she does know.Yet .... she writes as such ...
At one point she redeems herself by stating " Politicians say Indians turn to crime because they feel marginalised from government development plans and lack equal education, business and job opportunities. A load of crap. A lot of Indians in Malaysia are doing well for themselves. It’s all about a person’s individual struggle and competition. " Like duh!
But 3 paragraphs after that she goes on babbling that " Some of these Indian men could also be educated with full-time jobs, but one drunken fit of stupor and the gangster in him is out " translated that once Indian men begin drinking they all become rowdy.

I am ticked off. Can you tell ? Enough said.
Off to Envie to drink ; the indian style NOT :)

Have a fantastic week ahead all ...