Goodbye,Vaarwel and Au revoir.

Am taking a breather,from everything for about 2 weeks.Deserve this getaway too much.Tagging out of the office last night felt as if a ton of weight got lifted off my shoulders.Can't wait for the plane to take off and arrive safely on the other side of the world.Keep us in your prayers.As i would for each one of you.Am going to miss all of you.so gonna miss you.
Take it easy.
Mwahs Mwahs from just me.
See you.


pillars of LOVE.

nothing fake about these smiles.straight from the heart.no one can touch me.i have these angels and some more to protect me.to keep me sane.to make me laugh.to love me.

i pity those who are not blessed to own a quarter of them.suppose there is a reason why good things happen to only good people.God is very fair.

gals,have a fantabolous trip.will miss all of you too much.wish i was there too. laughing.drinking.dancing.just being plain silly.keep us in your thoughts till we come home in 2 weeks' time.take care of each other k.we promise we will take care of one another too.

Love ya.

14/05/09 8.20pm 2nd home

p/s:cheche.errr your date on cam is very the outdated wor.


can't breathe.

m truly blessed.
i know too many people love me and yet why do i feel unworthy of all love?


can't wait.

there is wednesday,thursday,friday,saturday and sunday until 5PM.yummylicious!


strongest women i know.

" While we honor our mothers

with words of love and praise.

When we tell about their goodness

and their kind and loving ways.

We should also think of grandma,

she's a mother too,you see...

For she mothered my dear mother

as my mother mothers me "

Happy Mother's Day mumz and patti.

deepavali '06 at patti's home - grandma's 77 (i tink) n mum'z 58 (im sure)

p/s:got mumz heart shaped pink coated donutz...:)

@7.44am u found me

“I love you,
Not only for what you are,
But for what I am
When I am with you.

I love you,
Not only for what
You have made of yourself,
But for what
You are making of me.
I love you
For the part of me
That you bring out;
I love you
For putting your hand
Into my heaped-up heart
And passing over
All the foolish, weak things
That you can’t help
Dimly seeing there,
And for drawing out
Into the light
All the beautiful belongings
That no one else had looked
Quite far enough to find."


Stay little Valentine stay...

" You make me smile with my heart
Your looks are laughable
Unpotographable "
~ my funny valentine - micheal bolton version - lovely ~

so last minute huh?!

only 8 interests mua.help me pick one?
i need a light comfortable fashionable pair of walking shoes for my eurocade.YES,which is in 7 days' time.and NO,i have yet to look for it.walked half of MV last weekend.walked into converse.was teased that i will stick out like a sore thumb but of course i didn't care.did not see ANYTHING i liked.saw a nice Adidas white low cut sneakers that costs rm220.did not feel that it warranted me to pay that amount for something that i liked half-hearted and will probably only wear to the B'sar pasarmalam.the search for the one i want will continue and please pray i find one or else i am arriving in Stansted wearing my brand new Lewre 3.5 inch brown suede pumps.very chic.who cares if i sore my toes or even worse end up in a sidewalk cafe on the streets of London every 2 hour or so.the experience is meant to be an easy one riteeeeeeeeee.
FINE.I will invest in some blister pads from guardian!!!
p/s:maybe i subconsciously bought the lewre for the trip.see how God works in miracle ways.WOW.




SeXiEsT MaN AlivE

WATCHED Hugh Jackman.Oh yeah....In X-Men:The Origins.The movie was so-so.I expected it to be more action packed.It wasn't.Lots of yap-yap.I now know how Logan became Wolverine.Makes me want to read the comic books.

Q:If you could be an X-Men character, what would you be? am torn between Storm,Rogue and Jean Grey ( coz she's got the good gal bad gal thingy goin on which is super sexy )

oh yeah...Gambit is quite a hottie!!!Quite an eye-candy.

Certain scenes look very 1980's especially the final scene when the gifted kids run towards Prof.X.Some of us found the comedy moments lacking.BUT then again,it is a Marvel Action Hero COMIC MOVIE,i feel the humour should be kept to a minimum.HA-HA moments here and there is fine by me.

BUT i want all these.I want gore.I want blood.I want balls of fire.I want stealth like machines.I want unbelievable fight scenes.I want Hugh Jackman bare bodied.MORE!MORE!MORE! :)

his smile.his arm.his 6'2 height.his abs.his firm tush.all scruffy looking.his sweat.ahhhhh...come to me...:)

nb: "Jackman personally designed an engagement ring for his wife, and their wedding rings bore the Sanskrit inscription "Om paramar mainamar," translated by Furness as "we dedicate our union to a greater source." Sweet!!!



Y-O-U can kiss my SWAG!!!