a different kinda Sugar ruSh

hv been receiving heat about tis song for the past 16 hrs.
mayb i moved too quick.
i think i did.
but too bad.
deal with it.
just as u deal with me.
" A table for two, dinner room with a view.
Your body's on my menu.
Let me eat it up
Gonna start at your toes til I heat it up,
A table for two.
Tonight I'm gonna eat on you, but there won't be no I.O.U.s,
No teasing you, gonna kiss on your lips where it's pleasing you "


17th hr said...

ease up, tiger.

ShanKitha said...

to 17th hour,
ease in march?easy in march?

boo said...

fly high..

ShanKitha said...

i prefer to fly low...:)